Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Google eBooks

Now that Google has released  iriver Story HD, its version of Kindle and Nook for their eBooks, my eBooks are now available for download at for $0.99.  That's right all three eBooks are available for only $0.99.
Fighting The Desires Nayla's Dilemma - The Ends of Justice Obsessive/Obsession

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Helpful Household Tips

I'm branching out a bit here.  If you have never used Charlies Soap, give it a try.  It can be used to replace a multitude of products you buy separately, hence saving you a little money.  I first heard about Charlie's Soap from a good friend of mine that gave me a little to try.  I'm a skeptic and have to see for myself if a product works before I spend over $50 dollars for it.  Well, that product worked and I immediately ordered my batch of Charlie's for myself.

Once I started cleaning, I didn't stop until my whole house was sparkling and I did it with that one product.  Reduced with water and you have an all purpose cleaner. It will clean wood (but not varnish, it will remove that) baseboards, computer desks and chairs, windows, name it, it will clean it.  Use full strength to clean stoves, refrigerators, sinks, tubs, toilets, stainless steel pots and pans, cutting boards (removes all food odors), and dishes.  Warning, do not soak metals in this soap or cutting boards treated with any type of coating, it will remove the outer coating.  You can use a wood oil for cutting boards to restore that shinny surface if you want.  Wash and immediately rinse and dry.

They also have a laundry powder that will remove residue from your washer left from other liquid detergents.  I wasn't thrilled about the laundry powder.  It made my clothes seem dull and stiff but there was no static.  The darker clothes tend to have an ashy look once they dried.  I will stick with my regular laundry detergent for that.

Anyway, that is my household tip for the day.  Did I mention it was environmentally safe.

Charlie's Soap Indoor/Outdoor Surface Cleaner, Concentrated, 128-Fluid OunceCharlie's Soap Laundry Liquid - 1 Gal Jug - (128 Loads)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

End of Summer Special

Now until the end of August, get the two for one special by purchasing "Nayla's Dilemma-The Ends of Justice" and  "Fighting The Desires for the special rate of $15.00.  That is two books for the low price of $15.00.

Check out my website to order  I will autograph both copies.

Fighting The Desires Nayla's Dilemma - The Ends of Justice

New Google Ebook Reader

New eBook reader debuts exclusively at Target.

The iriver Story HD, the first ereader device featuring integration with Google eBooks, will be available in the United States exclusively at Target on July 17.  The Story HD features a 7.3-ounce bodyweight, a six-inch high-definition (768x1024 pixels) E-ink display, a QWERTY keyboard and a $139.99 price tag. Customers can pick them up at Target's website, or at retail locations nationwide.  The new reader lets customers download content via WiFi from Google's cloud-based library of over 3 million free works. Thousands more eBooks are also available for purchase on Google's platform. Read the complete article by clicking:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Heading Home From Philadelphia

Well another exposition is done and over.  I hope to be on the road by noon tomorrow.  Whenever I do one of these events, I always hope to leave with the feeling I have learned something new from each author that attended.  Well, I am leaving with that.  Many of the authors I met at this venue had to overcome an adversity to get where they are today.  What I mean when I say that is, they were inspired to write due to an event or tragedy that lead them to share how they overcame to be the success they are today.  Not success as money or fame but just looking in the mirror to say "I overcame."

Besides myself, there were two other authors that only wrote fiction for fun and not as a self-help motivator or maybe even therapy.  As I took my place to tell why I wrote my books, I felt out of place....maybe even foolish.  I had no sad story to tell, I didn't have abusive parents, or a parent addicted to drugs, or no one to care about me as a child.

My family has always been there for each other and we are still there for one another as adults with children and grandchildren.  Listening to these people reminded me how blessed I am.  I have a job; I am able to put food on the table, walk under my own ability and sleep in a warm bed at night.  I might not have all the riches but I have the necessities to keep my head above water, anything outside of that is an added bonus, not something I need to get me through my days. 

Yes, I get angry about things that happen in my life but after hearing the background behind their writing, it was strong, tragic and emotional.  I could never get up enough courage to tell of events in my life that personal.  I could sympathize with their struggles in life but not empathize with their struggles since I've never experienced such hardships while growing up.

I will say this expo was more for those geared toward the self-help and motivation to get one's life together more so than wanting to divulge into the world of fiction.  I am a fiction writer because I like to escape from the real world that I live in daily.  For those looking for self-improvement, spiritual uplifting or even guidance after a tragedy, this would have been the event to attend.

I commend these authors, keep them in prayer and took what they said to heart.  For anyone seeking advice or needing that extra incentive to get motivated, please check out their books.  The names of these authors can be found on the flyer posted on a previous blog.

I won't do a plug here for myself, but for the authors that achieved their dreams after finding peace in their lives.  God bless and I will blog more when I arrive back in Cleveland.  That will be a whole 'nother issue, because the people traveling around downtown Philadelphia have clearly opened my eyes.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Self-publishing and International Sales

I have made many international sales thanks to the invention of the eReader.  German citizens have been the latest eBook readers to start noticing my novels and I want to thank them for becoming fans and taking a chance on a newbie. 

Last year when I first started thinking about self-publishing and actually did it, I was so ecstatic when the very first ebook sold...then I sold ten; I was glowing.  One year later and selling over thousands of eBooks, I am doing pretty well. I have been on a few bestselling lists for my first eBook and now the second and third eBooks are catching up and, in some instances, outselling the first book.  This has given me a boost of confidence to continue to hone my skills and create more mystery romance novels.

This has been a very challenging journey for me.  I'm not one to peddle my wares or hound people to purchase things.  I'm a very quiet person that doesn't attract attention easily or approach strangers in a crowd.  All that is changing now that I have attended a few book shows.  Meeting these independent authors has been a great asset for me.  They are so willing to share information and selling points or how they approached marketing to get their books noticed.  

Before meeting these people or joining the various groups that support independent authors, I preferred to observe rather than partake in vocal activities.  My selling techniques were so challenged, that I would buy most of the fundraising items my kids would be selling for their school instead of hocking it to my co-workers or family.  Seriously, I could only store so much Christmas paper that wasn't enough to wrap a pair of earrings or peanut brittle.  Don't get me started on the outdated M&M's; they really aren't good after sitting in a cabinet for more than a year.  In my case more than a year since I'm not a chocolate fanatic.

The self-publishing industry has proven serious independent authors belong by helping us get that foot in the door.  Many of today's self-published authors are very successful and have proven they can stomp with the big dogs.  If you are serious about getting into this business and giving up your spare time, then I say go for it.  I have given up a lot of my weekends and evenings to dedicate to crafting my dream.

My first book was my test.  I have gotten feedback from that book and learned from it.  A little warning, if you can't take criticism, this is not for you. I took the good and the bad and made myself better with the intentions of only going up from there.  

Selling my work to others to enjoy is a great feeling for me.  I love to read and I know what I look for in the types of books I read.  I try to convey that to what I write.  If it doesn't make sense to me when I'm reviewing it, it’s back to the drawing board until it makes sense.  Example being: I'm working on my fourth novel and one part of it has me thinking I need to make changes.  I have been working on those changes for over a month now and will continue to work on it until it feels right to me.  

Don't get into this business if you are only looking to make a quick dollar, do it for the passion and knowing you worked hard to put out a product someone took the time to purchase, read and even review it.  The good reviews are great confidence builders but take the bad reviews as well.  Most reviewers will tell you why they rated the book low and you can learn from that.

God bless to my fellow Indy authors and good luck to those thinking about joining the party.  It is fun and frustrating at the same time.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Philadelphia Book Expo

I'm finalizing my itinerary for next week. I have a few odds and ends to wrap up and I should be ready to hit the road early Friday morning. I'm really excited to meet fellow independent authors and learn from them.

My main reason for attending these expo's is to gather knowledge from other and to hopefully get my work some exposure also. I will blog from the event if I get a chance if not, I will definitely have pictures post at a later date.

I would love to get an event like this is Cleveland one day. If there are any independent authors interested in getting together to discuss the possibility of hosting an expo, contact me at my email address listed on this blog or my website.

Back to my plugging before signing off.  If you haven't yet followed the Lofton Sister's in their journey, visit my website for a paperback version of any of my book for a reduced prices.  You can also purchase directly from my blog using paypal.  If you are a eBook reader, you can purchase my books in eBook format for all eReaders from the following vendors.,, or

Fighting The Desires Nayla's Dilemma - The Ends of Justice Obsessive/Obsession

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Congratulations to Aimee and Lisa Marie for winning the free copies of "Fighting The Desires" hosted by Goodreads. Your copies have been sent.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Excerpts From Law and Disorder - Partners Undercover

Law and Disorder - Partners Undercover

Last day for Free Copy of Fighting The Desires at Goodreads

Today is the last day to enter for one of two free copies of "Fighting The Desires" being held at Goodreads.  Click on the "enter button" in my previous post or go to to enter.  This romance novel  will be featured at the Philly Book Expo in two weeks.  As always, if you are an eBook reader, it can be download for your reader for only $0.99 at,,, or any other sites were eBook’s are available.

While you are surfing, check out my other eBook’s that are also only $0.99.

Fighting The Desires Nayla's Dilemma - The Ends of Justice Obsessive/Obsession

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