Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Journey For Justice Official Cover

Get ready to meet Cleveland Homicide Detective Joseph Fernando.  Follow him as he solves the most recent murder to hit the streets of Cleveland.  Will he be able to serve justice to a suffering family or will setbacks and disappointments stand in his way?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not The Official Cover but Very Close

The Detective Series is back with all new characters.  This is my vision for my cover but my graphic artist might have better ideas. Let me know what you think, I would appreciate it.

Friday, February 22, 2013

My Friday the 13th on February 22, 2013

This is how my day is starting so far for a Friday. It took a good fifteen to twenty minutes to scrap the layers of ice off my SUV and not fall and break my neck in the process. Then I decided to stop by McDonald’s to get breakfast for my family before dropping them off at school.

I used the drive-thru and place my order and proceeded to the window to pay. I hand the young girl a crisp new $20 and wait for my change. Other employees filter into her space and she’s obviously forgotten about me and my change. So I wait and she opens the window. I kindly ask for my change.

Now amnesia kicks in for her. “I didn’t give it to you.”

“No, I’m just sitting here enjoying the view of McDonald’s kitchen.”

She pushes some buttons on her screen and asks me to repeat my order which I do. She prints the receipt and takes it to the manager who has just switched the register drawers. Time is ticking and I have to be at work in less than twenty minutes. She returns after ten minutes and has me pull ahead to the second window for my food and change.

I get the food and check to make sure the order is right since the cars are stacked behind me since she continued to take orders while I did my visual tour of the kitchen. The woman at the second window asks me to pull forward and wait for the change. I have a pet peeve about being late for work. I hate being late unless it’s due to bad weather or an emergency, otherwise, I am never late for work. Time is ticking and my nerves are getting shorter. My daughter is watching me get angry and know how I get when I’m angry. Since no one from McDonald’s decides to grace me with their smiling face or my change, I go inside.

The manager sends an unsuspecting employee to face me. I was nice and asked her if someone could give me my change because I have to get to work; she relayed my message to the manager just as I gave it to her. The manager still refused to come from her office and face me but has the girl hand me $8 and said, “The manager said the drawer was only short $8.”

I’m really trying to remain calm and not make a scene and this girl is not the reason for my anger so I keep it together. I explain to her I spent $7 which I did not get a receipt since I didn’t get my change, but the receipt the girl printed from the register at the first window, is laying right here on the counter. She picks up the receipts and looks at it then at me.

To drive my point home, I asked her how could I spend $7 and get $8 in change and, if she could please ask a manager to come add that up for me because I’m curious how that works. She looked at me strangely but did as I asked and relayed my message. A few minutes later another manager came back with more money. I’m telling you with the invention of computers and other applications that are supposed to make our lives easier, the basic fundamentals of math and other common skills necessary to make it in this world have been destroyed. The manager was much older and lived in the era before computers and calculators and should have known it doesn’t take a genius to know if you spend $7 you can’t give $8 in change unless the amount given to pay for the purchase was a $20 or higher.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Is For Lovers

February is for lovers and what better way to get in the mood for love or to jump start your mojo than reading about couples falling in love.  But, not only will there be love, there will be drama, intrigue, suspense and of course the sizzling for beautiful people coming together.  So get an idea on how to set the tone for the love of your life by reading a few hot novels.

Dr. Tina Lofton never want to get married or have a family but she did it anyway only to have it blow up in her face.  Thrown together with Terrance Wilson, an Ohio State Trooper who's working a case that involves her, has her second guessing love all over again.  

Meet Ohio Task Force Fugitive Task Members Adam Cabrera and Morgan Dane.  Morgan was not the dainty type and preferred carrying a gun as opposed to sitting behind a desk and love was definitely not part of her mission.  Adam was a woman's man and knew how to make the women swoon.  His biggest challenge was getting his new partner to disconnect her freeze meter to be able to work together.
 Meet the every so sexy Chef Charlie Andrews from Ontario Canada.  Leighton Hall is a woman that is letting her past hold her hostage.  Will Charlie be able to lure her into a new life filled with passion by using his skills as a chef and his handsome boyish charm?
 Detective Donovan Simmons has the skills to solve any case to come across his desk. Sydney Howard is more confused than ever about her childhood and once she is forced to deal with it suddenly and not able to get direct answers from her parents, she turns to Donovan, her close friend, for help.  The adventures they share will open a whole new meaning to the word friends with benefits.

 Danielle Tate was running from the truth behind losing the losing the love of her life and Carlos Ramos was fast learning being a superstar is not all it's cracked up to be if you don't have someone to share it with. Their story took two books to complete.
 Meet Marcus and Lauren.  A chance meeting introduced them and a sudden move will reintroduce them.  Will the drama be to much for Lauren to bear or is her love for Marcus much stronger?

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