Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stumbling Words

Okay, I must sound like I have bubble gum in my mouth all the time. I am trying to do a sixty second commercial for a plug for my book for a radio show interview that I have coming up. I thought no big deal, I speak clearly and pronounce my word correctly for the most part, so how hard can it be for me to say a few words and keep it under a minute.

I purchased a microphone and typed out a small blurb to read and hit record. Well, now I can understand why there are so many retakes in a movie or sitcom. I could not pronounce my website without sounding as if I either had an English accent or had one too many drinks before I started talking. Has anyone else ever noticed how hard it is to recite a website more than once without sounding as if you have slurred speech? I do and I now have a new respect for those people that do announcements or commercial spots or speak in public and have to recite websites repeatedly.

If you aren't used to doing any recordings or public speaking, it can be a pain in the you-know-what. It took eleven tries to finally record a product I though was useful. So after my final take for the night, I sent my audio clip to a few friends to review before I send it off to the radio station. Well not only did I think I sounded muffled but I guess I was breaking the record for speed reading. It was suggested I slow it down and relax. So back to the drawing board I go. This time I will try to slow it down so I won't sound like a speeding, uptight, bumbling idiot come interview time. Take twelve awaits!

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