Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Jenna...Where Are You? A Romantic Suspense Novel Is Now Live!

The daughter of the world’s most hated billionaire has disappeared. It is up to FBI Agent Mateo Morales to find her. The search is set to begin in California. A place that holds nothing but heartache and bad memories for him. That is until he reconnects with an old college friend. Once they meet again he is kicking himself for letting the only woman he’s ever cared about get away fifteen years ago. 

The search for Jenna Gordon has him stretched to the hilt and time is running out if he hopes to find her alive. Frankie understands he is on the clock and doesn’t want to complicate his investigation but he doesn’t want to risk losing her again by ignoring her. Jenna…Where Are You? is a romantic suspense novel that will engage the heart and heighten the whodunit factor.

Available at, and  1-click for $1.99 or the paperback for $10.00. 

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