Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweetening the Deal

I've decided to sweeten the deal by adding an edible treat.  I like to snack sometimes when I read and what better way to enjoy your coffee than to nibble on a crispy chocolate-covered biscotti.  The individually wrapped and sealed chocolate delectable will be included as an added treat.  Hurry while I still have a few left.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Give Away!

Hey readers for the rest of October and all of November, I will be giving away a free coffee mug with the purchase of my book, "Obsessive/Obsession" (you have to purchase the book from my website only) the Kindle edition can only be purchased from  You can read a portion of the book in Kindle format either here or on my my website before purchasing.  Click on the tab "Obsessive/Obsession" above to read it here or click the link to read it on my website ( once there click the tab "Read a Free Sample" and start reading.  Enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverage while you read.  Hurry while supplies last.  Kindle purchasers will need to email me proof of purchase in order to receive the mug. My email address is listed below. Remember to include the following:  Full name, address, city, state, and zip.  Please refrain from using P.O. Box numbers as UPS and FedEx do not deliver to those addresses.
One mug per purchase.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fight of the Moth

Most of us have heard Flight of the Bumblebee, the orchestral interlude written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for his opera, The Tale of Tsar Saltan. My tale is about the "Fight of the Moth." Picture this to that music.

I have been sharing my bedroom with this moth for the last couple of days. He stayed perched on the ceiling on the other end of the room and I pretty much left him alone. I am not a fan of bugs or anything with wings, and my motto is, if you don't bother me, I won't bother you, when it comes to insects and wild animals. I will take the vacuum cleaner hose after those annoying mosquito looking bugs. I can't stand those or flies.

I guess Mr. Moth was getting bored just sitting on the ceiling and decided to play a little tag with me. It was 6:30am and the last thing I want to do before getting out the door for work was to play tag with a moth.

I had laid out my work clothes and was gathering my things to get in the shower when it decided to make a dive for my head. I had forgotten the stupid bug was even in the room at this point. Of course, it startled me. I saw it flapping its wings by the lamp. I grabbed a piece of paper to swat at it. He avoided the direct hit by flying inside the lampshade. The window was open since it was warm, so to be kind and not kill the sucker, I tried to urge it to go out the window.

That wasn't good enough for him. The swat was just a teaser for the moth and now it was turned on by the thrill of a possible fight. I went after the little bugger inside the lampshade. In the process, I knocked over the lamp, blowing out the bulb. He flew on the curtain. Shaking the curtain to make it fly out the window, still giving it a chance to live, he flew to the opposite wall after circling my head a few times and out of my reach.

I have my laptop sitting on a little desk-like portable table with my cell phone and television remote all stacked up neatly beside it. Going after this dang moth and I use the term "dang" instead of what I want to say, tearing up my bedroom in the process. The lamp is on the floor with a burned out bulb, the cell phone takes flight with charger in tow and the clock is flashing 6:45am, reminding me I still need to get in the shower. The moth wins round one.

Finally, that night, I'm ready to relax. Hair is rolled up; teeth brushed and watching the end of my show while working on my website. Hadn't thought about the moth all evening. Before I turn out the light, he makes a mad dash at my head again. What the heck is it about my head that he keeps diving at it? Now it was a live or die situation. The window is closed because its' cold; it had no way out.

After landing on the curtain, two inches from my head, I grabbed my slipper and missed. He takes flight like a mad moth, flapping his wings all around me. I keep my laptop covered with a cloth at night to keep dust and other elements from getting into it. Since I was on the computer, I grabbed the cloth. I had a better chance of hitting the stupid bug with the cloth rather than a stiff bedroom slipper. Well this went on for a good ten minutes with the moth wining the battle until he made a mistake. He landed on the clock. I laid in wait, not in a hurry to get him but to let him think he'd won again. I snapped the cloth and it fell to the floor. He regained his senses and took off to the curtain where I slapped it again. This time when he fell to the floor, he met the final blow from the stiff bedroom slipper. The moth is dead! I win or do I?

This morning the clock didn't go off and I overslept by thirty minutes. Somehow he managed to turn off the freaking alarm.

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