Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beautiful Music is Now Available

Courtney Hammond is a successful business owner, musical prodigy and a bona-fide loner. Born into a wealthy dysfunctional family, where she is the youngest of the three girls. She and the one best friend she has belong to an R&B band they created called the Ultimate Connection.

Jeff Gold’s life as a rock star has ended, and he is transitioning back into society as the owner of a record store. A self-proclaimed loner, he too has deeply-rooted issues with family and the reason he exiled himself to Cleveland to live a low-key lifestyle.

All was going well with the two working in close proximity and never speaking to another, until a blizzard hits Cleveland leaving Courtney stranded and no one to call for help. Jeff is the only person around to offer her any help in her time of need, but their defiant personalities automatically clash. Is it possible that music, the one thing they have in common, will be what brings these two lonely souls together?

Beautiful Music is strictly a romance novel about two beautiful people locked in their own tormented worlds, living a lonely existence.

Available at and in other formats.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Win A Free Kindle Copy Of Beautiful Music

Can music bring two lonely souls together? Coming in a few days readers will be able to find out. Beautiful Music is strictly a romance novel about two beautiful people locked in their own worlds living a lonely existence. If readers would like a chance to receive a free Kindle copy when released, all you have to do is like my fan page and leave a comment or comment on my blog at I will contact the winner by inbox. Good luck!

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