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The Lofton Series Returns Soon!

The Lofton Series is back! Belle and Duane are teaming up with Lauren and Marcus to help fellow friend Russell Grant deal with difficulties arising in his personal life. Will he be able to build a relationship with Rayne Monroe, the beautiful Barbadian woman he wants in his life or, will a jilted Crystal stomp on his parade. Calling For Rayne is coming soon.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Free Read From The First Chapter of "Calling For Rayne"

Calling for Rayne

Chapter _____
Russell Grant awoke dreading what this day would bring.  He and Crystal were constantly at each other’s throats, but last night they shared a passionate evening without exchanging harsh words towards one another. 
He rolled over in bed wrapping his arms around her soft shoulders.  His first class did not start until noon, but Crystal would be getting up soon to go to work, and he wanted to embrace the memories from the night before.  He nuzzled the nape of her neck, causing her to stir. “Good morning beautiful,” he said in a low husky voice.
She used her hands warding off his advances and scooted over on the bed. “Not now, Russell.  I have a couple of minutes before the alarm goes off.”
“All I said was good morning.  I guess me saying that bothers you now.”  He whipped the cover off his body and got out of the bed.
Crystal groaned sitting on the side of the bed.  Removing the scarf from around her hair letting the false locks fall around her shoulders. “This isn’t working for me,” she said nonchalantly.
“What isn’t working for you?”
“This relationship, isn’t working anymore.  I’m moving out, Russell.”
The shock stopped him from entering the bathroom. “Are you serious? Crystal, I know I have not been around much.  I thought you understood when I took on more work, I would be home late because of the tutoring, and on Saturday’s I have training classes at the gym.”
“Yeah well I thought I could handle it until your sessions at the gym began to last all day.  You never have time for us to do anything on Saturday nights anymore.  Those out-of-shape slobs see more of you than I do.”
“Come on, give me a break.  Those people pay good money for my services; I’m obligated to help them get healthy.”
“Those people aren’t going to look like you, Russell.  They should accept being fat and get over dreaming of looking like you.  Good grief, a miracle of Godly proportion couldn’t help them achieve your body.”
He put his hands on his hips.  Russell kept fit and his body showed it. Thick muscular arms, a flat stomach ripping six-pack abs led down to a trim waist, firm buttocks, and long legs that ended in size twelve feet to support his six-foot frame. His hair was low cut and he kept his facial hair to a minimum sporting only a goatee.   He’d worn the bald look for the longest but decided to let his hair grow on Crystal’s suggestion. 
Russell Grant not only possessed intelligence. He was articulate, handsome, athletic, and a magnet for women on the prowl. Unfortunately, he had to turn down the aggressive women because of Crystal.  His devotion to building a life with her was his priority after Lauren defined their relationship as best friends.
He yearned for Lauren Bennett the day she moved into his apartment building, but her heart lay with one man—Marcus Winters.  When she married Marcus, he had no choice but to move on.  He and Crystal dated on and off before, they decided to be exclusive, and move in together.
When he grew tired of teaching high school math, he quit to fill a position offered to him by a former professor of his at Cleveland State University, teaching advanced math.  Although he loved his job it along with other activities that consumed his time, had caused a major strain on their relationship. He’d met Crystal through Lauren two years ago, and what started out as a “dream come true” flip-flopped more than what he cared to admit into a “Nightmare on Elm Street”.
He shook his head staring at the woman, whose sweet and gentle nature first drew him to her.  He could not recall when she turned into the prima donna and selfish woman she was now.  Lately, her attitude made his stomach turn.  His two best friends had been trying to persuade him to drop the diva and get a woman who appreciated him; he was beginning to agree with them.
 “I’m not even going to dignify that with a response.  I’m going to take my shower.”
“This is why we are done, Russell.  You never want to talk about why we are falling away from each other.”
“You remind me every day my work is the cause of our problems.”
“Your work is dragging me down and the main reason I’ve decided to leave your boring butt!”
He flung around to face her. “This apartment cost money, Crystal! Those clothes in the closet didn’t grow there, and the expensive dinners you like, aren’t free! I have to work to keep you in the lifestyle you’ve suddenly chosen for yourself.”
She rolled her neck bucking her eyes.  “You make it seem like I don’t work! I do contribute to this household, but I shouldn’t give you a dime.  You asked me to move in.  I was perfectly happy living with my mother who didn’t charge me a cent.”
“You’re thirty-three! When were you planning on leaving your mother’s house?”
“I don’t have to explain anything to you.  You begged me to move in; it’s your responsibility to take care of my needs….plain and simple.”
Incensed, his nostrils flared. “Hell, I practically do! By the time you buy your fake hair, fake nails, and everything else that ain’t real on your body, you only had a dime left to pay towards living expenses!  But, Crystal, did I complain?”
She did not answer but glared at him as he ranted.  “Most women would appreciate a hardworking man who provides for his woman. I work my ass off and you’re making it obvious you don’t appreciate it.”
“So you’re saying you work those extra jobs because of me? Well you won’t have to do that anymore.”  Crystal walked over to him lowering her tone.  She patted his smooth creamy caramel-colored cheek.   “I need a man to fulfill my desires on a routine basis, not whenever you get a day off to get around to it.”
His brain screamed to snatch her wrist from his face and twist it off.  He refrained by moving his head away from her. “Be gone by the time I get home from work. Make sure all your shit goes with you.  I don’t need you making excuses to come back to the apartment; especially when your delusional world comes crumbling down and you need a place to stay.”
“I’m delusional? Russell, I am in this relationship alone! I come home, you aren’t here.  I prepare a romantic evening for us, you call saying you will be late.  Did you forget we were supposed to go to Vegas at the end of the month?  I bet you did and can’t make the trip.”
“I asked you not to book that trip because finals were coming around.  You knew I would be busy with study groups and not be able to get away.”
She stomped across the room getting her purse.  Digging for her checkbook, she began to write hastily.  “Here is a check for your portion of the trip.  I’ve already invited another friend and it would not be fair for you to pay for their vacation.”
His anger hit the boiling degree and his ears were hot enough to shoot steam.  He had to fight to keep it together.  Pointing a finger in her direction, he narrowed his eyes spewing, “Make sure I get every damn cent of my money!”  He stormed into the bathroom slamming the door behind him.
This was how most of their mornings or evenings began or ended.  Since they had made love last night, he thought this morning would be different. His arms spread across the sink balancing his upper weight.  Contemplating on what to do about his current situation, he closed his eyes. Maybe she is right about calling it quits. 
Russell took his shaver from the cabinet and began to trim his goatee when she began banging on the bathroom door.  “I’ll be out in minute,” he yelled clicking off the shaver.
“Come out now!”
Here we again. He opened the door.  “What!”
She stood in a daze shaking his cellphone in his face—he repeated, again. “What? Was it ringing?”
Her dark brown eyes glared balls of fire. “You’re still talking to her!”
“Talking to her—who?”
“Don’t play dumb with me,” she said scrolling through the phone.  “You have more than ten calls to Lauren Bennett.  Excuse me, Lauren Winters.”
He snatched the phone from her.  With a scowl on his face, he said meanly, “So what.  You know I talk to Lauren—why are you trippin’.”
“She’s married Russell.  They have kids.  Why can’t you let her go?”
“Marcus doesn’t have a problem with us being friends, why do you?”
“Marcus doesn’t know you’re in love with his wife.”
Tapping the phone against the palm of his hand, he felt the burning rage gurgling in the pit of his stomach.  “You’ve been sniffing too much nail polish. I don’t talk to you about Lauren for this very reason.”
“Deny it, Russell.  Tell me you don’t have lingering feelings for that woman?”
He clamped his hands over his head gritting his teeth. “I’m not in love with Lauren.  She’s happy with her life and I’m happy for her.”
Rudely Crystal replied. “Yeah sure you are.”
“You’re crazy.”
“I worked for her. I would overhear the conversations you two had in her office.”
“Then you know it was all platonic.”
“Russell, how do you make time to see her?” She asked with a mock on her face.
Frustrated he shook his head.  “You need to take this bullshit to the other side of the room and outta of my face.”
“Answer me or I will assume you have been with her in ways not platonic.”
He threw up his arms.  “Assume what you gotta assume but I’m done arguing.”  Before he could turn to enter the bathroom, he caught out the corner of his eye, Crystal reaching over to the dresser.  He wasn’t quick enough to duck and avoid her aim.
Crystal grabbed a handful of decorative stones surrounding a scented candle throwing them in his direction.  As he turned around, the small stones hit him in the face and chest. “Ouch! Dammit, Crystal! What the fuck is wrong with you?”
She paced the bedroom.  Anger lines filled her makeup-free face. “I can’t believe you’ve been cheating on me and with her of all people.  She wrecked Marcus’ first marriage so I don’t know why I’m surprised.”
He rubbed his face where the stones pelted him. “Jealousy is an ugly color on you.  How can you talk about her and call yourself her friend at the same time?”
“Her lip did a downward turn. “Some friend; I got stuck with you while she waltz away with a freaking millionaire.” 
“You ain’t stuck anymore, get your shit, and go before I do something I’ll regret.”  He said slamming the bathroom door.

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The Official Cover! Calling For Rayne Will Be Coming Soon!

Russell Grant was a hardworking man.  Recently breaking all ties with his long-time girlfriend, he decided to play it cool and concentrate on his upcoming bodybuilding competition.  Will he be able to keep his concentration centered or will he be "Calling For Rayne?"  A romance novel coming to kindle and paperback this Fall.

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Calling For Rayne

Calling For Rayne is months away from being completed but along with developing the story, I did an outline for the cover.  This is only a mock and most likely will be tweaked before the final cover is released.  Anyhow, Calling For Rayne is part of the Lofton Family Series and will feature characters from A Love Delayed.  If you remember any of the characters from A Love Delayed, Lauren Bennett had a male best friend named Russell Grant.  Well this is Russell Grant's story.

I hope readers will enjoy catching up with some of the characters from A Love Delayed while learning more about Russell Grant.

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