Monday, June 24, 2013

The Perfect Combination

The Perfect Combination received it's first Bestseller badge from  Thank you readers for picking Eric Severide and Samantha Charleston to be part of your reading list.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Work in Progress

An author is always thinking ahead to the next project.  When I put a book to bed, I feel like I've let go another child from the nest and ready to take on the next birdie.  Well here is the next story I want to tell.  Russell Grant from A Love Delayed is determined to tell his story.  I haven't chosen a title or date when this book will be published but I have chosen Russell Grant.  I'd like to introduce Jones (aka Russell Grant).  Jones is not a stock photo or male model, but a gentleman gracious enough to lend me his likeness for use in my book.  If it weren't for people like him, I wouldn't be totally original.  Thank you Mr. Jones.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Perfect Combination Has Arrived!

The Perfect Combination is coming to Amazon in ebook and paperback.  If you can't wait for the paperback or ebook version to arrive on Amazon, pick up a copy on in a format to meet your eReader needs.

Samantha Charleston has the worst luck when it comes to men and love. Giving herself at the tender age of 22 to a man 14 years her senior is a mistake she soon regrets when he walks out on her while she is down and out. Her best friend Kim suggest she release her mind from her problems for one night and meet another friend of hers going through the same struggles. Reluctantly she agrees but is surprised her blind date is not what she expected.

Eric Severide had his fair share of bad luck when it came to love. Determined not to give his heart to another woman, he’s on the path to become the biggest womanizer he can be. All he wants to do is have a good with women and leave with no emotional ties. That is until he meets Samantha Charleston on a blind date. The two have too much in common not to be a match made in heaven, but both are too similar in personality to get along.

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