Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Coming in SIX DAYS! Calling For Rayne


Russell Grant is educated, well versed, and unlucky in love. The former high school math teacher turned college professor lost his first love, Lauren Bennett to Marcus Winters. He rebounded and found love with Crystal Sparks. Then out of nowhere Crystal confesses she has found love with another and is moving on with her life without him.

Russell decides he has had enough of having the rug pulled from under him when it comes to women. He uses his newly single status to throw himself into his work and a bodybuilding contest he has entered, and leaves his love life on the back burner for the time being.

Rayne Monroe is a hardworking single mother with a seven-year old daughter and new to Cleveland. She is also Lauren’s good friend from Washington, DC. Working a full-time day job and an evening part-time job cleaning classrooms at Cleveland State University, she accidently runs into Russell as he is leaving school late one evening.

After Rayne tells Lauren about the handsome man she had a brief encounter with, Lauren puts the wheels in motion to bring them together without letting them know she is friends with the both of them. Will Lauren’s meddling ignite a possible love affair or rip her friendship with the both of them apart. Calling For Rayne is a romantic and funny story with a little drama thrown in to mix it up.

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