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Free on Amazon for two days.  The Men of CLE-FD The Orlando Torres Story (Book 2) is the second book in the series.  Download Smoke & Fire A Firefighter's Love Story (Book 1) to get acquainted with the character and then read BURN to complete the series set so far.

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BURNED Is Now Available!

The third installment of 'The Men of CLE-FD' is now available on Amazon, BN and

Lincoln Hathaway is excited to be a part of her sister’s wedding. Regan and Orlando are finally tying the knot and she is serving as Maid of Honor. As the upcoming nuptials approach, Lincoln finds her relationship with Firefighter Anthony Jenkins drifting away from her. His broken dates and disappearances cause her to become suspicious of what he might be doing and with whom.

She is determined to find out if his ex-girlfriend is back in his life. Refusing, to question Orlando since the two are like brothers, she instead turns to another friend for help.

Nick Barona is the youngest and the playboy of the Men of CLE-FD. His Italian good looks, suave style and status as one of Cleveland’s bravest firefighters have women falling at his feet. He is also loyal to the firefighter code of conduct. That is until he agrees to help a lady in distress. The more time he and Lincoln spend together, the more he realizes he has developed feelings for her. Will the loyalty among firefighters stand or will love prevail?

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B.R.A.B. Reading Warrior Awards 2014

I'm in total shock of being nominated for an award in BRAB Reading Warrior Awards.  Below is the link.  If you would like to vote for me, the polls are open until October 14, 2014.  Thank you in advance.

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One Day Left To Enter

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Teach Me to Love Again by Toye Lawson Brown

Teach Me to Love Again

by Toye Lawson Brown

Giveaway ends October 13, 2014.

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Another Snippet from BURNED Ready for Pre-Order on Amazon.

Orlando’s cell phone rang at the same time Nick’s went off. Nick wiped his hands and answered the phone. His skin crawled when he saw the number. Orlando’s face showed the same concern. It was the emergency number. The recording would require them to report to work on the double. A serious fire or another disaster had occurred and all firefighters, on duty or off would be required to handle it.

“Let’s roll,” Orlando said taking off the apron.

They entered the backyard where the women were. “Hey, baby, we got a call, Nick and I have to report to the firehouse.”
Regan’s eyes widened. “What happened?”

“I don’t know but it’s serious. The food is ready to go on the grill. I’ll call you when I get a chance.” He kissed Regan and motioned for Nick and said, “Come on, Nick.”

Nick stopped, turned back and seen the worry on Lincoln’s face. Men with dangerous jobs took those looks seriously. Returning from a job unscathed was not a guarantee, and a last look shared could be the last. He went over to her. “Hey, don’t look like that. We’re supermen remember,” he said with a smile.

“I’m not worried.” On impulse, she stood on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his.

He melted from the quick peck of the kiss. He tore away from her gaze after Orlando’s final order for him to get moving. “I’ll call you as soon as I can.”

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sneak Preview of BURNED.

As with most of their dates lately, they would meet at the destination. Lincoln was the first to arrive at Red Lobster and was seated at a cozy table. She observed the clamor of the lunch crowd. The noise from glasses and utensils making contact with each other was musical. The laughter that erupted from a nearby table caught her attention. Her eyes zoomed in on one of the men. It was Nick, who worked with Anthony at Station 30.

She diverted her attention away from them to check her watch. “He’s late as usual,” she sighed taking a sip of water.

The waiter stopped by her table. “Good afternoon, my name is Hollister. Would you like to order now or wait for your party to arrive?”

Anthony was twenty minutes late. She didn’t have all day to wait on him to arrive; she had other pressing items on her agenda to do. Her stomach gave an embarrassing growl causing her anger with Anthony to deepen. “Yes, I’ll order now. I’ll have the shrimp special and another Coke,” she said shaking the ice in the half-empty glass. “Oh, could I have an order of cheddar cheese biscuits, also.”

“I’ll get that order in for you right away,” the waiter said not moving away from the table.

She looked up at him puzzled. “Is something wrong?”

He inserted the pencil in the pocket of his apron and stammered a reply, “Um, I may be out of line and ruin a good tip, but whoever stood you up is a fool. A beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be kept waiting by any man.”

Lincoln felt the blush rise on her cheeks. She tucked her hair behind her ear leaking a partial smile. “You just doubled your tip. Thank you for making my day.”

“Cool,” his brown eyes beamed at her. “But this is not a permanent gig for me. I’m going to be a journalist. I graduate in a few months.”

“Congratulations. My sister is a journalist.”

“See this is fate. I have something in common with a family member already,” he joked. “If you aren’t too serious with the guy standing you up, I’d like to take you out to dinner or a movie.”

His wide smile brightened his handsome face. Lincoln put his age anywhere from early to late twenties and not much older. The mannerism he exuded fit his current job as a waiter. However, if he succeeded in journalism, he would definitely be an on-camera personality. His tall, broad frame, sexy shy smile, and dark good looks made for television.

Lincoln fumbled with the cloth napkin lying across her lap. “Unfortunately, I’m in a serious relationship with him. If I weren’t, I would definitely take you up on that date,” she said giving him a wink.

He scribbled on a piece of paper and slid it on the table. “In case things change, give me a call,” he said walking away.

She unfolded the paper looking at it. “Hollister Gains…hmm,” she said licking her lips.

Her cell phone rang as she folded the paper putting it in her purse. It was Anthony calling. She swiped her finger across the screen to answer the call. “What’s the excuse this time?” She asked not holding back her annoyance with him.

“I got called into work. Apparently, Nick called off his shift tonight. It left the firehouse shorthanded so I agreed to work. Baby, don’t be mad at me.”

She turned her neck to see the men were still acting up at the table. Nick was the dark haired man banging his fist on the table with the boisterous laugh. He didn’t look sick to her.

“So, Nick called in sick? Well, you do what you feel is right, baby. I know how important the firehouse is to you.” She kept her voice steady. The urge to scream liar crept in her throat, but she managed to swallow it down.

“I knew you’d understand. I won’t see you for a few days, but I’ll call and check in. I love you, baby.”

“Be careful and I’ll see you in a few days,” she said clicking off the phone. She laid the phone on the table fuming. She should have busted him. However, without any proof Nick had not called off work, she let it go. Tapping a long fingernail against her lip, she pondered going over to ask him what was up. She scratched the idea. If Anthony were pulling a fast one, this tidbit would come in handy later.

She sat back in the chair looking out the window wondering where things went wrong. Last year they were planning a future together, only to have it unravel a thread at a time.

Her mother feared that their ten-year age difference would not stand the test of time. As Anthony grew older, she was afraid he would become possessive or mistrust Lincoln when she was out of his sight.

That was not the case. Anthony was the one creeping. A sudden sadness fell over her as tears threatened to fill her eyes as she watched a couple outside embrace. This was supposed to be a happy time for her family. Regan’s wedding, and her role as Maid of Honor filled her with excitement and ideas she intended to use one day for her own wedding. Lately, Anthony disappearing and his secrets about his whereabouts made her suspicious. She didn’t know why, but she felt it had to do with his ex-girlfriend Melanie. The woman would always hold a special place in his heart.

A different server arrived with her food. The woman placed the hot plate of grilled shrimp before her and a basket of biscuits in the center of the table. “I’ll get you a refill on your Coke,” she said taking the empty glass away.

Lincoln managed a half-smile and said, “Thank you.”

The cozy table for two suddenly became huge as she reached for a biscuit. The bread released a warm puff of steam as she opened it to spread butter inside it. She tore off a piece of the biscuit stuffing it in her mouth watching the couple outside greet another couple before heading to the front door of the restaurant.

Slowly her mind drifted to nowhere. She jumped in her seat when she felt a hand rest on her shoulder.

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said smiling down at her.”

Lincoln had to catch her breath. Recognizing it was Nick, she smiled back. “Don’t mind me; my mind was a million miles away.”

“I noticed. Remember me, I’m Nick Barona. I work with Ant at Station 30.”

“Yes, I remember you. When I heard the laughing, I knew it was you having a good time over there.”

“We tend to get a little rowdy, but when you work hard you gotta play hard, right?”

Lincoln nodded. “I guess so. Although, I don’t visualize Red Lobster as being a place to let your hair down,” she chuckled.

“Anyplace I go I let my hair down. I like to have fun when I’m away from work. Are you eating alone or is Ant joining you?”

The words lay on the tip of her tongue. Nick opened the door for her to question him, but she was afraid to hear his answer. “I’m alone. Anthony isn’t joining me for lunch.”
“That’s not a good look for a pretty girl like you. Would you mind if I joined you? I could use a cup of coffee.”

Company was the last thing she was in the mood for, but she motioned for him to take a seat. “Help yourself to a biscuit. I would share my shrimp but I’m greedy and want them all.”

Nick caught the attention of the waitress and raised his chin. “You’re in luck—I’m allergic to shellfish.”

Lincoln eyed her lunch that was growing cold on the plate. She hadn’t actually carried on a conversation with Nick before. Their encounters were brief with a hello or a goodbye here and there. Now she had to fake a conversation with him to add to the stress of an already bad day.

However, it wasn’t Nick’s fault. He was following the conduct firefighters used since they were a close-knit family. Even though she and Anthony weren’t married, she was considered a part of the family because of their relationship.

She separated the shrimp on her plate with her fork. As bad as this was going to hurt, she had to know about Anthony’s former relationship with Melanie. Opening that complex issue would put Nick in a bad position but she’d rather it is him instead of Orlando or Jon who were closer to Anthony.

Looking down at her plate, she decided to ask the risky question. How he answered was up to him. “Nick, what I’m about to ask you could but you in an uncomfortable position so don’t feel pressured to answer if you feel you shouldn’t.”

Nick raised his brow and took a sip of coffee. “Well, what do you have to ask me that would put me in that kind of position?”

“I have a question about Anthony that need to be answered. I could go to Jon or Orlando, but they are too close to him.”

“Um, I’m his friend, too. Anyhow, is he is in some kind of trouble? Tell me, I wanna help.”

Lincoln saw his concern and assured him. “He’s not in any trouble. I want to know about his ex-girlfriend Melanie.”

Nick sat back in the chair and draped his arm across the back of it. “Wow, Melanie. What do you want to know about her?”

“In your honest opinion, how deep was their relationship?”

“I might not be the right person to answer that, Lincoln. I don’t feel right talking about him behind his back; especially when it comes to Melanie.”

Lincoln waved her hands dismissing the question. “You’re right and I shouldn’t have asked you anything. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

“It’s alright. Hell, there was a time Ant and I weren’t close. If you’d asked me then, this would be a different conversation. Since you mentioned Melanie, is she back in town?”

Lincoln shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know if she is or not. I’m…” Hollister stopped by the table interrupting her.

“Well, I see your date finally showed,” he said handing the folder with the check inside to Nick. He winked at Nick and said, “I’m glad you didn’t stand this lovely lady up. I was going to make a second move if she was still here alone after my break.”

Dang it! She turned her head to see a sudden flash of confusion float across Nick’s face. He played it off without alerting the waiter to her deception.

“Good thing you thought twice about doing that, buddy. It’s been a while since I put these fists to use.”

Hollister mouth dropped open before he snapped it shut. “Yeah, whatever, dude.”
Lincoln gathered the waiter didn’t enjoy Nick’s humor as he glared at him with narrow eyes. Lincoln lowered Nick’s hands. “Don’t pay him any attention. He’s a firefighter, not a hoodlum.”

“I’m also a lover,” Nick said as nuzzling her shoulder with his nose.

Hollister brows slanted as he looked at them and said, “I’ll be back to get the check.”

Keeping up the facade, Lincoln feigned excitement as Nick’s warm breath caressed her bare

shoulder. “Okay, he’s gone; we can stop pretending.”

Nick lifted his head off her shoulder smiling. “Good thing I think fast, huh?”

She attempted to take the check from him to see how much she owed for lunch. “You are fast on your toes. I guess I should get going; I have errands to run.”

“I’ll take care of your check. Ant would never forgive me if he knew I didn’t pay for you lunch.” Removing money from his wallet, he slipped cash inside the leather folder and put it on the table.

“That’s a joke. He didn’t bother to be here to pay for my meal after inviting me to lunch.”

“Um, well, I don’t know about that…”

“I’m sorry, Nick; once again I’ve made you uncomfortable.” She took his hand in hers. “Thank you for buying my lunch and hanging out with me for a bit. I’m sure you had other plans for your day off.”

He rolled his eyes upward. “I wish I was off tonight. I go in later.”

Her hands trembled as she let go of his. Anthony was up to something and it was time she found out what he was doing finally.

“I’ll walk with you to your car.” Nick offered.

“I don’t want to make you late for work.”

He licked his lips alluringly. “I have time.”

Is Nick flirting with me? The palms of her hands moistened. “Okay, if you’re sure.”

“I’m positive.”

His hand barely touched the small of her back as they walked to the door. Lincoln always thought of Nick as a flirt and a ladies' man. He was never with the same woman twice. And she made it a point never to call the woman he was with by name until he introduced her. He dated so many women it was hard to keep track of them all.

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My 500-Word Challenge:

My 500-word challenge was to write a story involving a scenario where dancing was the only way to get out.  Rules of the challenge was to just write the story and not worry about anything else. Please let me know what you think.

Rex took refuge inside the nightclub to get away from the scorned woman.  He could count on both hands the number of women he’d led on, but this time it backfired.  He had ticked off the wrong woman and she was hot to tell him about it. Getting lost inside the nightclub was the perfect hiding place.

Rex liked the place was jammed.  He strolled inside where he saw a woman alone.  He felt sweat bead on his forehead.  His major downfall was beautiful women.  A beautiful woman, standing alone, called for him to intervene.  Rex always attracted women by flashing his boyish smile.  His devilish good-looks aided in his craft also.

He drew in a deep breath deciding to hit on her.  What did he have to lose?  The woman he’d pissed off at the bar would never find him in here.  In a deep, alluring voice he said, “Hello.”

She looked over at him, smiled, and returned her attention to the dancers on the floor.

Rex chuckled as he rocked back and forth.  She was playing hard to get.  That tactic would not work on him.  “You know a reply would be nice.”

She smoothed down her dress.  “Okay. Hello. Satisfied?”

He rubbed his hands together welcoming the challenge to win her over. “It’s a start.  Are you here alone?”

“I’m with friends,” she replied pointing to a couple slow-dancing on the floor.

“And they left you alone?  Shame on them. So what’s your name?”

She eyed him and sighed. “Monica. What’s yours?”

“Rex,” he said offering a smile.  Something told him to turn around.  When he did, the woman from the bar was scanning the room.

“Shoot!” He panicked looking around for a way out.  He couldn’t go out the door he came in; the woman would definitely spot him.  He had to think fast.  Across the dance floor was the red exit sign.  “Would you like to dance?” He asked.

“Sure, I’d love to dance.”

A salsa number pounded out of the club’s larger speakers.  Monica began to dance. Rex hadn’t planned to dance since he couldn’t manage a simple two-step, but she didn’t leave him much choice.  His hips gyrated off-beat to the fast music.  He probably looked as foolish as he felt, but he didn’t care.  His concern was to get out of the club before the woman he’d burned spotted him dancing. He danced Monica away from the middle of the dance floor inching closer to the exit.

“Slow it down, will ya?” she snarled.

“Sorry about that,” he said as he looked across the room and saw the angry woman point her finger in his direction. She was coming and fast.

As the song concluded, his last chance to escape ended, also.  He spun Monica around in his arms until he reached the door. 

Monica stood dazed.  “What in the world was that?”

Rex kissed the back of her hand. “Your dance just saved my butt.”  He exited the door to freedom.


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Teach Me to Love Again by Toye Lawson Brown

Teach Me to Love Again

by Toye Lawson Brown

Giveaway ends October 13, 2014.

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Bestselling TEACH ME TO LOVE AGAIN Is Now Available in Paperback.

From Amazon bestselling author Toye Lawson Brown pens another riveting interracial love story that you won’t be able to put down.

Teach Me To Love Again, will take you into the lives and love of Breanna Montgomery and Kyle Lombardi.

Meet Breanna (Brea) Montgomery. Young, ambitious, full of life, and very single. Meet Kyle Lombardi. Breanna's new boss at Perks Coffee Distributors. He's handsome, successful, single, and fighting internal demons that have taken him over.

Already butting heads at the office after their first meeting, Breanna is determined to keep her dream job despite Kyle's crass behavior towards her. She learns he has not always been this way.

A bad marriage caused him to alienate himself from everyone and hate everything. Breanna throws caution to the wind as well as the dire warnings from her colleagues to keep her distance from him. It's hard for her to do that considering she has to work with him. Stuck in an elevator for hours will be a test for Breanna, who believes there is good in everyone, including Kyle.

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Teach Me To Love Again is Now Available!

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TEACH ME TO LOVE AGAIN Is Available For Pre-Order On

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What a Sexy Snippet? Here you Go. TEACH ME TO LOVE AGAIN Is Coming Soon.

Kyle and Breanna rejoined the couple in the kitchen.  Breanna finished setting the table so they could eat. 

Cutting a piece of pork Kyle popped it into his mouth and savored the taste of the succulent seasoned meat flavoring over his tongue.  “This is great as usual, Brea. She’s a beast in the kitchen,” Kyle said taking another bite.

Breanna took a sip of water and swallowed. “Thank you.”

Jerry pointed his fork at Kyle. “What exactly is going on between you two?”

“Jerry!” Katelyn cut him a glance.  “That is none of our business and not polite to ask.”

“Why not?  Brea is my homie.  Just because we’re not together doesn’t mean I don’t care what happens to her.  If this dude is in her life, I want to know.”

Kyle saw Breanna’s small frame slide further down in her chair.  If she sunk any lower she would be under the table.  He had to think of something to get these people out of her house.  Jerry really didn’t comprehend what he was doing her.

“So, guy, what’s up with you and Brea?”  Jerry asked again.

Kyle took a sip of water and placed his napkin on the table.  Breanna replaced the bottle of wine with water to respect Katelyn’s pregnancy.  “What do you want to know about me and Brea?  Any how do I tell you so you don’t cop an attitude knowing we’re sleeping together?”

Jerry’s large hand crushed the soft dinner roll. “Why don’t you just tell me what’s up and let me worry about my attitude.”

Breanna pushed her plate away. “Jerry, stop.  You have a beautiful woman about to bear you twins.  What Kyle is to me is none of your business.”

“What are you hiding, Brea?  If you’re with this dude what’s the big deal in letting me know that.”

“He’s here with me and that should be enough!”

Jerry chewed his food with a slight sneer on his face. “Just as I thought, he’s a poser.  This is Lakewood and most of the men that live here are…”  He finished his sentence by making a derogatory gesture with his hand.

Kyle knew too well what that gesture meant.  He moved to Lakewood ignoring the stigma attached to the community located along the Gold Coast.  As far as he was concerned, a person’s personal preference for love was their business.  The only people he had a problem with were those like Frances.  She alone had anesthetized his feelings where he no longer cared to love anyone.

He was seated next to Breanna at the table.  He moved his chair away from the table and pulled Breanna from her seated position onto his lap.  Cupping her face with his hands, his lips locked with hers.  He made sure to make the kiss not only believable but also erotic.

He felt Breanna’s body go come alive on his lap.  Her arms curled around his neck bringing him closer to her.  He cleared the plates closest to him off the table with one swoop of his hand sending them crashing to the floor.  He sat her down and stood between her legs that were propped up on the chair.

Though his eyes were closed he peeked to see Jerry and Katelyn watching them, stunned and in pure disbelief of their racy performance.  The strawberry cake that was for dessert sat in the center of the table uncut.  He reached over and ran his index finger along the cake gathering it full of icing.  He spread the thick icing on Breanna’s lips and licked and sucked the icing from her face making sure every drop of the sweet cream was gone.

An involuntary moan escaped her lips as he pulled at her bottom lip to lick and bite on gently.  The act turned sultry when he released her from the kiss and stuck his finger in her mouth for her to suck the remainder of the icing off.  He didn’t know if she was pretending or not but her mouth moved up and down on his finger to wipe it clean and stimulate him to the point anxiety rushed through him.

A strong flood of lust washed over him.  He attacked her neck, nibbled her earlobe, and kissed down her chest thought the thin material of her top.  He forgot other people were in the room and released a guttural moan.  Just as it was getting good for him, Jerry’s thunderous voice brought them to a screeching halt. 

“Damn, y’all! Break it up already!”

Kyle sat down pulling Breanna on his lap and putting his arms around her waist to keep her steady.  He knew she felt what was going on by the way she tried to adjust herself on his lap.  “Does that prove to you I’m not gay, or do you need me to keep demonstrating?” Kyle asked sarcastically.

Katelyn wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and drank down the rest of the ice water in her glass. 
“Oh my, that was one-helluva of a hot kiss.”

Jerry shot his intended bride an unpleasant look. “Keep the comments to yourself, please.”

Breanna eased off Kyle’s lap and stumbled back to her seat.  “Sorry about that.  We tend to get carried away.”

Her hands were shaking as she wiped her mouth with her napkin.  Kyle grinned.  Frances had never accused him of not satisfying her sexually.  The bedroom was the only place in the relationship she let him have total control.  She wobbled like a bowl of Jell-O once he got her under his control.

He took their farce a step further and kissed the back of Breanna’s hand. “We’ll continue later when we’re alone.  You’ve got me all worked up now.”  A rosy tint covered her cheeks as she smiled at him.  He couldn’t say the same for Jerry.  The man’s face had doubled in size as he seethed.

Jerry’s hand hit the table rattling the dishes.  “Y’all made me lose my appetite swapping spit like that.”

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Kyle sat in his office upbeat.  He opened the blinds to let light filter into the dim office.  It was a cloudy day outside, but the sun was shining somewhere in the world probably even in the next county.  Wherever it was shining, he was feeling the effects from it.  He and Breanna had been seeing each other for three weeks and he felt himself changing. 

He hadn’t lost his temper once and his sudden change in attitude baffled people around the office.  He was speaking, laughing at jokes and even made suggestions during department meetings.  Normally, he would sit and not add any input or pay attention to what discussions were going on. Breanna was slowly changing him to the person he was before marrying Frances. 

This morning he left a surprise for Breanna on her desk.  She should be in soon and he couldn’t wait to see her reaction.  He got up and walked to the window that overlooked the bullpen.  He shook his head and frowned. 

“Dammit!  She was in.”  She hadn’t come to his office or called him. Yet that’s what they had agreed on, at his insistence. No special endearment at work—and there was none. So why did it feel so much like she was rejecting him by not responding to the gift he’d left on her desk?

He began to fume.  There Brent was again.  He stood at Breanna’s cubicle talking.  He was always at her station and since separating from his wife, he’d tried to woo Breanna to go out with him.  Luckily she’d been able to turn down his advances without giving away their secret.

All emotion died when he blinked his eyes to make sure he saw right.  He saw Breanna stand up and hug Brent.  Kyle’s face glowered in a mask of fury.  Why in the hell is she hugging him?

His nostrils flared as tension ran through his body as he watched them.  He loathed Brent’s cheesy smile.  The jealousy cut through him as Breanna smiled back.  His attention dragged away from them to Bruce walking up the steps.  He turned away from the window and went back to his desk.  The bright rainbow that hung over his head a few minutes ago had washed away and the storm clouds moved back in to reclaim their territory.

Bruce knocked once before letting himself inside Kyle’s office.  “Good morning, Kyle.”

Kyle mumbled a grumpy reply, “Good morning.”

“Oh, hell, what happened to put you in a bad mood again?”

His index finger rubbed across his eyebrow. “Nothing.  What can I do for you, Bruce?”  He tried to shake off the irritation of Brent and Breanna hugging to focus on work.  He had to trust Breanna and know she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.

“We’ve been invited to attend a conference in New Mexico.  Our plane leaves tomorrow morning at 10:00am.  Don’t be late.”

Abruptly, his head lifted up.  “Excuse me?  We’re going to New Mexico for a conference?  How long is this conference, Bruce?  A day? Two days?”

“Seven damn days of exchanging ideas about the coffee business.  We’ll know more about coffee beans than the average person should know.”

A whole week including the weekend away from Breanna didn’t register in his mind.  What would he do without her?  What would she do while he was away?  His absence would give Brent seven days to pursue and entice Breanna to be with him.

“You gotta be kidding me, Bruce.  Now is not a good time for me to go on a business trip.”

“Come on, Kyle, it won’t be all bad. We’ll get in a round of golf or two and I hear the entertainment is going to be to our liking if you know what I mean.”

Kyle knew what he meant.  The last conference he attended was in Las Vegas.  The actual meetings were thirty minutes to an hour long while the rest of the time was spent gambling or entertaining cheap hookers.  He was neither interested in gambling his money away or risk catching a disease by having sex with a hooker.  If he wasn’t having sex with Breanna, he wasn’t having sex at all.

“I’m not interested in golf and I’m sure as hell not interested in the lively entertainment they’ve lined up.  Bruce, you’re a married man for God’s sake.”

“I’m married not dead, Kyle.  When Frances did her shit to you, you should have thrown it back at her.  You’re a good-looking guy, you could’ve nailed any woman you wanted but instead you chose to be upstanding and let that bitch break you. And boy did she break you good.  When’s the last time you had any, Kyle.  I’m 62 years old and get more sex than you.”

He pushed away from his desk and crossed one leg over his knee. “You’re telling me way too much, Bruce.  Anyhow, I don’t drop the dipstick just anywhere.  You have to be careful these days.”

“I’m packing so I’m good,” he said in a deep belly laugh. He closed the door and took a seat at the end of Kyle’s desk. “I’ve notice you and Breanna are working more closely together.  What is her deal?”

Kyle shrugged his shoulders. “She is coming along fine.  I won’t have to supervise her as closely anymore unless she runs into a problem.”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about.  Is she seeing anyone?”

Yeah! She's seeing me you freaky old fuck!  “Not that I know of, why?”

Bruce looked again at the door to make sure it remained closed. “Kyle, I don’t like to meddle in your business but you should pursue her.  I get you don’t like to mix it up outside your race but she is a sweetheart and I think she would be good for you.”

“Why me and not one of the other eligible men working here?”

“They aren’t any except for Brent and he can’t pleasure a woman like her.  He’s too much of a pansy.  She needs a strong man.  A man with big hands like yours to caress the fine curves of her body.  Hell, any man can bed a woman his of own race.  But to taste the forbidden nectar of a luscious woman like Breanna…damn. I have died and gone to heaven just thinking about it.”

Kyle crinkled his brows.  “You’re a dirty old man, Bruce.”

He nodded in agreement. “Tell me something I don't know.  Anyhow, have you really taken a look at her?”

He tried to play down his excitement. “I have and she is attractive.”

“Marla is attractive.  Breanna is gorgeous.”

Kyle frowned.  “I wouldn’t even compare those two together.”

Bruce folded his arm across his wide belly. “You and Marla got off to a bad start.  She accused you of being over friendly which led…”

His expression darkened. “It led to an investigation of sexual harassment against me.  I don’t like Marla and nothing will change that.  She and Brent are trying their best to turn Breanna against me.”

“Do you have any proof of that?”

“If I did I wouldn’t do anything, Bruce.  Brea…I mean Breanna doesn’t listen to them bash me.  She’s forming her own opinion about me.”

Nothing got past Bruce.  He might be nearing retirement, but his mind was sharp as a whip. “I see.  Keep up the good work, Kyle.  I’ll meet you at the airport in the morning.”

Kyle jumped up from his seat and watched Bruce round the bend that led to the stairs to the fourth floor where his office was located.  He leaned over the railing to see if Breanna was in her cubicle.  He saw the top of her head.

Hurrying down the steps, he rushed over only to see Brent relaxing and chilling in her cubicle.  They both looked at him.  Breanna sat at her desk with a container holding her breakfast in front of her. “Kyle, is anything wrong?”  She asked coolly.

He looked at that two of them then cast his eyes on Brent. “Don’t you have enough work to keep you busy so you aren’t always hanging out in her cubicle?”

Brent sneered. “How would you know how often I’m here unless you’re spying on us from behind your closed door, Kyle?”

“Tread carefully, Brent—you don’t want to go there with me.”

“You’re the one that needs to tread carefully! Bruce is one step from kicking you back to a cubicle so don’t look down at me like I’m your underling.  If I play my cards right, I will be in that office flicking my nose up at you.”

Breanna looked at both men. “Wait a minute; we’re in a business setting not outside.  What is going on with you two?”

Brent dumped the remainder of his breakfast in the trash. “Boy wonder can’t stand we are close, Brea.  He is shaking in his boots that you’ll join the club railing against him.  Don’t let his false persona fool you.  Yeah, he’s been talking it up with folks around here the last few weeks, but we all know its bullshit on his part and we’re still keeping him at arms-length.”

“Keep talking, Brent,” Kyle warned.

Breanna stood between the two hostile men. “I don’t know anything about that club but Kyle must need to talk to me or he wouldn’t be here.  So, Brent, we are done with breakfast.  We’ll take a break for coffee later and talk some more, okay?”

Brent winked his eye and patted Breanna on the shoulder. “Yeah, we will,” he said going back to his cubicle.

Kyle grabbed Breanna roughly by the hand. “Let’s talk outside.”  He knew he was rough with her, but he was pissed to the point of no return.  They took the stairs, her heels clicking against the marble as she followed behind him.

Once they were outside, he didn’t stop until they were in the parking lot and away from prying eyes and ears. “What the hell is going on with you and Brent?”

She pushed strands of hair away from her face.  She was upset and let him know it. “First of all who in the hell do you think you are! You don’t drag me out here like you are about to beat my ass! I’m not your property, Kyle!”

His jaw twitched and she had every right to be angry what him. What he did to her would appear controlling and obsessive on his part. He put his hands on his hips taking a hard stance. “I’m fucking pissed, Brea!  Every time I turn around that bastard is with you! Why does he occupy so much of your time?”

“Oh, no, sweetheart, you ain’t seen pissed until now.  You are way out of line, Kyle.  Who I talk to on the phone is my business.  Who I socialize with at work is my business! All you need to worry about is what we do together.  And if I were to base that on what is going on now, it would be absolutely nothing.  I am so mad at you right now it isn’t funny.”

“Be mad at Brent! You don’t really have a reason to be mad at me!”

“Really! Do you think it was cute to have the heels of my shoes bang out a melody as you dragged me down the stairs!”

He couldn’t make her see his view on the subject and was pushing it by arguing with her.  “You don’t understand how it looks to me, Brea!  Brent is always around you.”

Her usually light brown eyes had turned black and her shapely brows formed into one as her face knotted with anger. She shook her head. “You will understand how it looks when I walk away from you.  And don’t follow me! You need to stay out here and cool off.”

“Brea, wait! What about getting your car tonight?”

“I’ll catch the damn bus.  I don’t want to talk to you anymore today,” she yelled back at him as she stomped around the building.

He kicked the front tire of his car. “Damn that woman!” He spewed as the security guard on his rounds through the parking lot stopped to check on him.

“Everything okay, Mr. Lombardi?”

“Yeah, everything is just fucking great!”

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cover Reveal For Teach Me To Love Again

Meet Breanna (Brea) Montgomery.  Young, ambitious, full of life and very single.

Meet Kyle Lombardi. Breanna's new boss at Perks Coffee Distributors.  He's handsome, successful, single and fighting internal demons that have taken him over.

Already butting heads at the office after their first meeting, Breanna is determined to keep her dream job despite Kyle's crass behavior towards her.  

She learns he has not always been this way. A bad divorce caused him to alienate himself  from everyone and hate everything.  Breanna throws caution to the wind as well as the dire warnings from her colleagues to keep her distance from him.  It's hard for her to do that considering she has to work with him.

Stuck in an elevator for hours will be a test for Breanna, who believes there is good in everyone including Kyle.

Coming soon TEACH ME TO LOVE AGAIN is an adult interracial romance that will have everyone believing in love again.   

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Proving His Innocence Has Hit Number 1 On Amazon African-American Women's Fiction

Never saw this coming but I am so humbled and thankful for readers that take a chance on me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Proving His Innocence Is Now Available

And on sale for $0.99!  Where can you get this romantic suspense novel?  At most online retailers such as Amazon, BN and  Pick up your copy before the price returns to $1.99.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Coming Soon! Proving His Innocence

I have been missing in action on my blog but I'm back and releasing the cover for my next novel.  I've been writing like a mad woman and coming soon is my next sexy romantic mystery.  Be on the lookout for Alexandra Dance and Hunter Barrymore to solve a case and heat up the mystery brewing between them.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Men of CLE-FD The Orlando Torres Story is Now Available on Amazon and

Get ready to indulge into the lives of Lieutenant Orlando Torres and Regan Richards.  Both have been burned by their spouses and divorced leaving them unhappy and alone.  Will these two find happiness together or will their fear of failing at love keep them apart.  It is one-click ready on or download from in a format compatible with most ereaders.

Lieutenant Orlando Torres of the Cleveland Fire Department is dedicated to his job and no longer into the social scene. Divorced for several years, his best friends are pushing him to date again. Orlando rejects the idea since his ex-wife's deception left him scarred.

Regan Richards married her high school sweetheart and lived a fairytale life until her fourteen-year marriage hit rock bottom leaving her divorced and on her own. Returning to her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to visit her sister who is dating a sexy firefighter, she decides she wants the same. She sets her sights on the very handsome, but evasive, Lieutenant of Firehouse 30.

Although they are instantly attracted to each other, he is adamant about not developing anything more than a platonic friendship with her. Will Regan be able to convince him love is worth a second chance if a woman is worth such love, or will the damage done to him by his ex-wife turn him against loving any woman ever again?

Monday, March 3, 2014

There is a Free Book Giveaway on Goodreads. Enter to Win 1 of 2 Paperback Copies

Yearning For Love is part of Goodreads giveaway going on until March 31, 2014.  The details are below.

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Yearning for Love

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday and I am blessed to see another day and birthday.  To begin my birthday and the kick off of Women's Fiction Festival, I am giving away copies of Yearning For Love.  Head over to to play to win.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cover Reveal for The Men Of CLE-FD

Here is the official cover for my next installment for the firefighter's series.  I will post an excerpt soon.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's Official! Yearning For Love is A #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Yes, I am bragging for the moment.  Four years ago I started a dream that I had put off for too many years to count.  I keep plugging away working hard at crafting my writing to be on a level where reader will be asking me what is coming next.  I have taken classes, listened to readers and now I am finally seeing the hard work I'm putting forth pay off.  As I continue to write, I will continue to listen to readers, research and keep up with classes to hone my craft until I am the best that I can be.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Yearning For Love Is Here!

Yearning For Love is now ready to one click.

Nicole McLin grew up in a cold, loveless household and faced the world alone. Although able to smile on contact, no one on the outside knew how damaged she was on the inside. A fashion designer at heart, she agrees to design and make a wedding dress for a woman who has managed to gain entry into her private life. What a mistake she realizes that is once she agrees to be a bridesmaid for the woman. All hell breaks loose when she is introduced to Walker Albright. A caring man she can’t resist but has to in order not to drag him into her dark tormented life.

Walker Albright is Patty’s soon-to-be brother-in-law. The handsome auto mechanic is full of life, charming and oozing sex appeal. He’s also yearning for love and feels the one woman for him is out there, and he is determined to find her. On the day of his brother’s wedding rehearsal, he is introduced to the woman he’s been waiting for all his life. Although a pleasant person, Nicole McLin is somewhat cold and adamant about not letting anyone share her space. Will he be able to break through her walls and show her what she’s been missing or go on to face another failed attempt at happiness?
Available on and The price is only $1.00 for a full length novel.  Get your one click on and start reading a steamy interracial romance tonight.

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Text 'Yes' If You Love Me Has Been Nominated for Cover of The Month for May. I Need Your Votes Please

If you liked the cover of my book, Text 'Yes' If You Love Me, please vote for it for the Cover of the Month contest on