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I am a very quiet person that dabbles in many hobbies.  I have found writing to be my passion to take me away from my stress and help me relax.  Very family oriented, I enjoy spending time with family and friends doing a big cookout or just having a good round of sister talk with the girls. I take each and blessing as a gift and never question why things happen.  We have to take the good with the bad to complete ourselves as a person.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Means Love!

Spring is the time for love.  Grab a glass of wine and fall in love with the Lombardi brothers. 

Wanna Know What's Up Next? Here Is A Little Teaser.

A marriage is in trouble for a firefighter at Station 30.  Who is it and will the marriage be able to be saved?  Coming in 2015, the fourth installment of The Men of CLE-FD.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

One Put To Bed and Another One Waiting To Be Born: What's Next For BookbyToye

Readers, Chasing Love: The Chase Lombardi Story is finished and waiting to be published.  If you haven't read Teach Me To Love Again to meet Chase, pick that book up first to get to know the characters.

Now, to keep it moving, the firefighter series continues with Ryan Tisdale.  Ryan will have a personal connection with one of the firefighters from Station 30.  Stay tuned for his story to come this summer.  In the meantime, get a glimpse of James Tucci who will portray the likelihood of Ryan Tisdale.
Photograph taken by Steve Forbes.

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