Sunday, February 15, 2015

I've Posted Sexy Snippets Now For Some Drama

Jasmine shoved the door open and stopped suddenly causing Heather to run into her. “Oh, my God; this man has lost his mind.”

“Jas, what is it?” Heather asked looking over Jasmine’s shoulder. “Oh my…”

“Yeah, I said that already.” Jasmine was stunned. Justin was standing in the middle of the floor holding red roses and the biggest stuffed teddy bear she’d ever seen. It had a small red velvet heart-shaped box attached to its paw.

Heather tapped her on the shoulder from behind. “Girl, you’ve got a problem.”

“No shit,” she whispered from the corner of her mouth. “What should I do, Heather?”

“If it he were Chase, I would gush. However, this psycho, I’d run as fast as my legs would let me. Do you want me to call Chase?”

“No, don’t call him; the place is full of people. I haven’t seen or heard from Justin in weeks. I thought he had moved on.”

“He did; right to the top of the list with the rest of the crazy ass men who can’t accept rejection from the women they love on Valentine’s Day.”

The palms of Jasmine’s hands sweat. She had the eyes of everyone in the restaurant plastered on her. Women were smiling and pointing at Justin standing there with a confident but gorgeous smile on his face. She took a closer look at him. Most of his body was hidden by the huge bear, but was sure he was wearing a tuxedo.

What the hell.

Justin moved closer and stopped inches in front of her. He leaned down and kiss her on the cheek and whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”

The spot on her skin where he kissed her burned. Her heart was beating wildly. The women in the restaurant swooning over Justin’s romantic gesture had no clue what was going on. They had no idea this was not a scene from a movie and she would jump into his arms from his outpouring of love for her. They would not understand why her stomach was on the verge of emptying either.

This is sick, Justin is sick. He had her where he wanted her—on the spot without an escape route. If she turned away and walked off, she would seem like an ungrateful ogre in the eyes of these women. Heather had not strayed from her. She felt her presence still behind her.

Finally, she found words. “What’s all this, Justin?”

He smiled. His handsome face bright and cheery but the blue of his eyes seem blank. “This is for you, sweetheart. Open the box my friend is holding.”

“Maybe we should do this later when we’re alone. I mean look at you! You’re dressed nice and I’m looking a hot mess. I want this to be right…”

“I have to do this now or never, Jasmine. I gave you space as you asked. It has been hard staying away from you. Not talking to you has been the worst. I got in the habit of getting a text from you to see if I’m okay on the job. Jasmine, I need you in my life. I can’t go on without you.”

Jasmine’s legs started to shake. He was scaring her for real now. This was not natural. How was he in love with her? They’d never shared intimacy except for that one night. And she hardly called that anything but heavy petting. Other than him lifting her shirt, no clothes came off.

“Please, Justin, not here. We have to talk first. A lot has changed since you’ve been gone.”

“If you’re referring to Lombardi, I’m not sweating over that. You had a choice to make and I respect that. Now open the box.”

Looking around the restaurant, not one person had taken their eyes off her. Rita and the rest of the kitchen crew were now watching. She didn’t care. She’d rather embarrass herself with the truth than pretend an excitement. Jasmine took a fortifying breath. “No, I won’t open the box. Just go home and we’ll talk later, Justin.”

The smile on his face faded. “Then you leave me no choice. Justin dropped the flowers and teddy bear on the floor and ripped open the box. “Take a look at this, Jasmine.”

Jasmine moved closer to see the picture that was taped inside the box. Her heart instantly fell to her feet for her to step on. The sound of Heather’s gasp served as confirmation and tears filled her eyes. She wanted to slap him across his smug face. She had never in her life been so angry. Lips trembling and face distorted, Jasmine found movement in her feet to run to her office.

Heather let her go and glared at Justin. “You are a fucking heartless bastard!”

Brandon jumped from his seat and went over to her. “Heather, what is going on?”

Justin ignored the man. “I may be heartless to do it this way but she needed to see it, Heather. She chose that cheating asshole over me. Do you believe he would have told her about his other woman?”

“You have a picture of him hugging another woman. Do you even know who she is! For God sake, I hope you get help soon. You shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun with the sick mentality you have.”

Justin closed the box and put it in Heather’s hand. “Call me all the names you wish. I’ll overlook it since you’ll be thanking me for saving your best friend the hurt of a lifetime.”

Heather shook her head. “You really don’t have a clue. She’s already suffered that and then some.” She pointed a finger at the people in the restaurant. “You women in here who think Jas is stupid for running off—you would do the same. He doesn’t love her; he is seeking revenge because she dumped him. Get out, Justin! Get out and leave Jasmine alone!”

Justin released a disturbing chuckle. “Don’t blame me for presenting the evidence; that’s my job.” He kicked the bear aside and stepped on the brilliant red roses that were on the floor, smashing them into the laminated wood with the tip of his shoe. “Tell Jas to call me once she’s calmed down and come to her senses.”

Heather found Jasmine sitting behind her desk with her head resting on her folded arms. The jerking of her body and soft cries cut through Heather. Lightening had struck twice for Jasmine on Valentine’s Day.

“Jas, let me take you home,” she said rubbing her shoulder softly.

Jasmine didn’t lift her head. “Why is it always me, Heather? I’m a good person or so I think I am. Why am I always getting my heart ripped from my chest and torn apart?”

“Honey, don’t jump to conclusions without talking to Chase first. From the picture, you couldn’t even see a face. It was a man hugging a woman; it could’ve been anyone.”

“It was Chase. The name of his business was on the window.”

Heather opened the box and looked at the picture again to make sure. Jas was correct; she hadn’t even seen that. “So that doesn’t mean he is in involved with this woman. Give him a chance to explain, Jas.”

Jasmine took a tissue from the box and wiped her eyes. “He doesn’t owe me anything. We haven’t agreed to be exclusive. He can see whomever he wants as far as I’m concerned.”

“If that is true, why are you so upset? Justin is jealous and hell bent on destroying your relationship with Chase. Don’t let him have that power, Jas. If you love Chase; fight for him.”

Her head yanked up from resting on her arms. “I’m not in love with Chase.”

“Oh yes, you are! This is why we are always here. You claim I live in a world of denial, but you reside there a lot more than I do. You refused to follow the breadcrumbs Shawn left behind and went full ahead planning a wedding, when he kept dropping signals that he did not want to get married. Chase is Shawn again without the secret family tucked away in another State.”

Jasmine blew her nose. “He might not have the hidden family but how many other women is he crying to about his life? The ex-soldier using the PTSD act can get a lot of women to drop their panties, Heather.” She slammed her hand down on the desk. “I’m listening to you this time. I will not be taken in again. From this day forward, I am swearing off men for good. The bastards aren’t worth it for me to keep running. I’m tired of running away from the shame of my failed relationships.”

“Jas, please, don’t do that. If he’s dealing with something serious, you can’t walk away from him,” Heather begged softly.

Although she had stopped crying, a few tears managed to squeeze through her oversaturated ducts. “I’m done with him, period!”

“Jas, you’re overacting.”

“Um, no, this is not an act.” She got up from the desk and grabbed her coat and purse. “I’m dead serious. I’m pulling the doormat from under me. Let the tart he’s hugging in that picture help him deal with his pitiful life.”

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Sexy Snippet From Chasing Love: Chase Lombardi's Story

After breakfast, they stayed on the floor in front of the fire. They were watching television until Chase nodded off. His head was in her lap. To Jasmine’s surprise, he had not tried anything off-handed. He was the perfect gentleman by helping her with the dishes and putting the leftover food away.

Deep down, Jasmine yearned that searing kiss they had shared would turn into something more. When it didn’t, she didn’t ask why. She stroked Chase's hair lightly as he slept. Every now and then he would grunt or his face would scowl. Jasmine wondered what he was dreaming about.

The fire had died in the fireplace leaving a chill in the house. Jasmine reached for the afghan laying on the edge of the sofa and covered him. The short-sleeve t-shirt obviously wasn’t providing him enough warmth. She wasn’t cold with the long-sleeve wool sweater she had on and the heat from him lying across her.

Chase turned over on his side burying his face nearly in her belly. She leaned back against the sofa to give him a little breathing room. The position was uncomfortable for her since the hardwood floor numbed her behind and her back was against the hard border of the sofa.

Jasmine tried to shift to a comfortable position. One of Chase’s hands lifted her sweater and his lips pressed to her stomach causing her to drag in a breath of air. His tongue traced around her navel to dip inside.

“Oh…” she let escape her lips.

His mouth pressed against her again. Small kisses seared across her skin as he raised his head to kiss further up her belly. What in the heck is he dreaming about? Jasmine closed her eyes not knowing if he was dreaming about her or Katherine. At the moment she didn’t care; it felt too right to stop him.

Jasmine’s eyes popped open. She did care. She refused to let him get his jollies off thinking she was another woman. She tugged at the sweater to pull it down. His grip got tighter.

“Why are you fighting me,” he mumbled.

The vibrations of his lips against her skin sent a zing down her spine. “Your dream is making you paw at me.”

“I’m not asleep, Jasmine.”
“Good because my behind is numb from the floor,” she answered with a push on his shoulder. “I need to switch positions.”

Chase shifted to his knees and dragged Jasmine flat on the floor. “Wh-what are you doing?” she protested.

“Changing your position,” he said straddled his legs over her outstretched body and pulled off his t-shirt tossing it on the floor.

Jasmine swallowed the lump in her throat. He had muscles on top of muscles, but he didn’t wear dog tags as she’d imagined. She didn’t take her eyes off him as he pushed her sweater up and over her breasts exposing her bra. “Chase, we can’t do this.”

He lowered his head and kissed the swells of her breasts letting his tongue trail a path down her cleavage. “Then tell me to stop and I will.”

Her chest heaved with wanting more. He knew damn well she wouldn’t tell him to stop. “This isn’t fair you have me at a disadvantage.”

“I’m not pinning you down. You have room to move from under me.”

“You’re unbelievable, Chase. How can you wake up from a nap and expect me to have sex with you?”

“We aren’t having sex I’m kissing you. And to warn you, I will move down your body and kiss everything exposed to me.” His lips were on her neck. “The bruise is healing nicely,” he said as his tongue traced along the portion of the bruise that remained.

Jasmine arched her back. Her body was on fire from his kisses. “You’re a smart man and aware of what you’re doing to me. I won’t succumb to you; I can hold out for as long as you can.”

His mouth curved against her skin. “That’s what it’s all about, baby. I want you to show me how long as you can hold out.”

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Preorder Chasing Love: Chase Lombardi's Story on Amazon!

Chase Lombardi was introduced in Teach Me To Love Again. Now he has his story.

Three years since his discharge from the Marines, life has been smooth sailing for Chase Lombardi. He operates his own business and answers to no one but himself. But things are rapidly changing to upset his peaceful way of life. It begins with the woman whose life he saved during a vicious attack. Jasmine Smith has caught his attention, but another man is also vying for her hand. Then, there is the secret that Chase is keeping from his family. If he doesn’t get it together soon, the cracks in the foundation the former Marine Gunnery Sargent has built for himself will slowly start to crumble.

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