Friday, November 30, 2012

Small excerpt from Scenes To Steal The Heart-Final Act.  Coming soon!

Carlos placed the last of his clothes in the suitcase and zipped it up.  The car would be to take him to the airport soon.  He could not wait to get home to Danielle. Although he had people watching her every move, he felt better if he were the one watching over her.  Whoever was following them covered their tracks expertly.

He was almost ready to dismiss Herman as a suspect.  He did not think Herman would be stupid enough to actually try to blackmail him again; especially after admitting to installing the cameras in the hotel suite in Cleveland.

Carlos heard a light knock on the door coming from the front room.  Leaving the bedroom he reached the door just as an envelope slipped underneath.  He opened the envelope to remove the content from inside.  Closing his eyes he took in a deep breath.

Putting the package on the cadenza he opened the door to hear the elevator ding.  Rushing to the end of the hall he caught it.
“Consuela!” He said stopping the elevator doors from closing with his hands.

She did not look at him or speak as he stood before her. The man she longed to have a fling, had now become her enemy.

“Why did you knock if you did not have anything to say?”

With cold eyes she finally said, “You have what you demanded; our business is done.”

“I agree our business is done.  Let this be a lesson, Consuela; choose your battles carefully.  The next person you go up against might not be as nice as me.”

Her eyes narrowed and deepened. “You are one condescending, arrogant bastard wrapped in a pretty package. I don’t know what that woman sees in you.”

He flashed a malevolent smile.  “The same thing you saw until you crossed me.” He stepped back to let the elevator doors close not allowing her to say another word.

The sequel to Scenes To Steal The Heart will be available in December.  Keep checking for the release date.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I hope your day is filled with love, happiness, thankfulness and great food.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Excerpt 2:  Scenes To Steal The Heart.  Another sweet interracial love story.

Carlos sat on the deck of his Malibu beach house.  The breeze rushing across the ocean ruffled the leaves of the palm trees lining the property of the private stretch of land.  His mind took him back to Cleveland and the last memory he had of Danielle.  When he awoke the following morning, he noticed lipstick prints on his cheek and forehead.  He couldn’t remember much about that night, but he either remembered or dreamt Danielle had kissed him.
Rafael joined him on the deck carrying two sniffers of brandy.  Handing one glass to Carlos, he sat on the lounger opposite of him.  “Where is your mind these days?”  Since you’ve been home, you’ve been in a self-induced daze.”
“Believe it or not, Rafael, I kinda miss Cleveland.”
“You’re joking? What could you possible miss about being there?  Don’t tell me you’re missing Herman.”
He rolled his eyes upward. “Herman is not a person I’ll ever miss.  I do have a score to settle with him though.”
“Sounds like you’re a little pissed with our beloved distant relative.”
“Pissed is only a portion of what I’m feeling about him.” He took a long sip of the strong brandy before scooting to the edge of the lounger.   “He pairs me with this kid that gives me chickenpox that almost killed me.”
Rafael sipped his drink slowly. “You can’t blame him for the kid getting sick.”
“Okay, but I can’t rightly blame him for that but he is lying to me about another person I was interested in.”
“And, I bet this person is a woman; a man would not have you this upset.  So, tell me about her.”
“Rafael, she was like no other woman I have met.  She was genuine and faked nothing.  She didn’t get obsessed with my stardom or money.  She treated me like any normal man on the street and I liked that. ”
“Carlos, you’ve never needed a wingman; why don’t you pursue her if you want her so bad?”
“We exchanged numbers and promised to stay in touch as friends.  When I was released from the hospital, I asked Herman where Danielle was, after all, she was supposed to be my bodyguard.”
Rafael threw up his hands. “Wait, you had a woman as a bodyguard?  Was she built like Arnold Schwarzenegger?”  He asked making a muscle.
“My brother, you are not funny.  Danielle is a beautiful woman of color.  When she smiled, I wanted to capture and bottle it.  I wanted to believe she was smiling for only me.”
Rafael continued mocking his brother. “I’m seeing a black woman with a beautiful smile and obviously a body to match the way you’re mesmerizing over her.”
“She’s actually a policewoman and thinking about her, makes me want to hop on the next plane to Cleveland to visit her.”
“What’s stopping you from doing that?  Carlos, you control your destiny.  If this woman is haunting you to the point of making you forget all the beautiful women throwing themselves at your feet; then go get her.”

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